Best Places in Seattle to Enjoy Fitness Programmes

Steep hills and the stretches of beaches of Seattle make it a wonderful place to workout amidst nature. With so many natural treasures to choose from, in Seattle won’t necessarily have to spend your money on luxurious gyms. Exercising in the open air is a healthy option, when you’d prefer to take advantage of clement weather – one more advantage is that nature is free!

While working out in the open-air, you probably won’t use much, if any, equipment usually found in traditional gym centres. As such, exercise takes on a different feel. Exercising in the open air will help you establish a long-lasting relationship with the calming air found only in nature while increasing your resistance power simultaneously. If you’re looking for peaceful places in the city to do workouts, you can count on the places listed below.

Green Lake

Very much like New York’s Central Park, Green Lake has a track of 2.8 miles. Joggers, non-motorized exerciser, rollerbladers, and walkers from nearby places gather here to exercise while breathing the fresh cool breeze. For additional strength-enhancing workouts, you can use the equipment and the pull-up bars available on the north-eastern side of the lake.
Occidental Park in Pioneer Square

Occidental Park in Pioneer Square

Seating arrangement inside the park and the cafes in close proximity to it, makes Occidental Park an outstanding place for cyclers and walkers. For easy-going and refreshing activities, several ping-pong tables and bocce courts have been installed. Kinesia Pilates offer free Pilates classes to the general public in season. Doing Pilates in the tree-lined square will enable you to regain the peace of your mind, just like massaging therapy. When there’s no Pilates class, a slalom course under those trees can be held.

Alki in West Seattle

Alki beach has some enticing running paths and cycle tracks. While running on these paths, you can enjoy Downtown’s scenic beauty. Additionally, you may well come across many beach bums playing beach volleyball. Doing exercise here means a refreshing experience for your body as well as your mind.
I-5 Colonnade

I-5 Colonnade

Most of the areas of I-5 Colonnade of East Lake are covered with impromptu houses. However, with the effort of Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance, a great portion has been converted into a playground where riders can drive their adrenaline rush by opting for bike riding. After your thrilling bike riding, grab quality beer from the nearby Zoo Tavern.

Playfield of Montlake

Before 2014, facilities for outdoor workouts like tennis courts and baseball fields were to be found there. But now, with the addition of fitness equipment of Norwell Outdoor, this place has become extremely popular among gym-enthusiasts.
Chief Sealth Trail

Chief Sealth Trail

Chief Sealth Trail of Beacon Hill and Rainier Valley enables walkers and bikers to walk or cycles treading the soft green grasses underneath. Much of the time, the place remains quiet and you can often go there to exercise in a tranquil atmosphere.

Burke Gilman Trail

One of the famous rail trails in Seattle is the Burke Gilman Trail. It covers approximately 20 miles spreading from Golden Gardens Beach to Woodinville Wine country. Cycling, walking, and jogging in this peaceful trail with bloomed flowers across the lakeshore accompanying you are incredible experiences.
Westlake Park

Westlake Park

In Westlake Park of Downtown, a range of yoga and Zumba classes are held. People from around the city come here to get training absolutely free of cost. These fitness programmes in the heart of the city are run by Downtown Seattle with some help from the Urban Parks Activation Partnership.

Atlantic Street Park

At the end of the i-90 vent of Atlantic Street Park in Central District, you will see a lot of young and old alike jogging and walking. It is a perfect place for the health-conscious. Many outdoor fitness equipment that are kept inside the park give it a look of a professional gym center.

Discovery Park

Experts believe that running on sand brings out more positive results compared to that of running on trails. Discovery Park of Magnolia has a soft sandy beach that stretches nearly two miles. Walking or jogging on it during the sunrise will make your stay active the entire day.

All the places listed above are well-known for their clean and peaceful atmospheres.  You can pick any one of them to take steps towards a healthy living. Save time by choosing a local place.