About us

We, at THRIVE HEALING MASSAGE, focus exclusively in refreshing and healing your pains with our latest massage techniques. All our suites are designed to keep in mind the diverse needs of our clients. In this luxurious private setting, comfortable massage tables are used to give you absolute relaxation. From the time you enter our spa centre, you will feel as if you are a part of our big family

We accept most form of health insurance, however, if you are not covered we do offer very competitive rates. Moreover, our flexible payment plans will allow you to avail of world-class care for you and your dear ones.

Request for Practitioner

From our long list of practitioners, you’re free to request specific practitioners, as long as they are available at your appointment time. Ideally, you would book your massage in advance to ensure that your preferred massage therapist is available. You can also specify if you would prefer that your massage therapist be male or female. If you have any other specific requests, be sure to inform our staff at the time of scheduling..

Services You can Expect Here

Massage for Overall Wellness

Different kinds of mental and physical issues can be healed with massage techniques like Swedish Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Shiastu, Chair Massage, Aromatherapy, and others. The highly skilled professionals of THRIVE HEALING MASSAGE have gained specialization in performing all these massage therapies to relieve pain and stress, improve blood circulation, stimulate the nervous system, and enhance the immunity of your body.

To know more about our services, feel free to contact us.

Important Note for You

Depending on your age, physical state, and medical background, our therapists will assist in determining which massage therapy you should have. We may not recommend you to undergo massage if you’re pregnant.

Our Mission

We work with the mission of minimizing illness and promoting wellness all over Seattle.

Our Core Values


Our team is committed to following the best practices in the world of massage therapy by updating their knowledge and taking in the latest trends.


We put all our efforts to achieving the high standards we have set consciously to satisfy our clients.


By ensuring constructive interactions and communications among team members, we encourage creative cooperation and growth opportunities.


We behave honestly and ethically with our clients and team members to sustain a long-term relationship with them.


Our respectful and friendly environment encourages employees to understand their duties better to give their best.


We seek constantly to make ourselves better. By believing in competing with ourselves, we go on learning to give a better performance.

Why Choose Us?

Some reasons which may convince you to choose us are:
  1. In-depth knowledge about sports, and work-related injuries, and any other injuries and health conditions where massage is considered effective.
  2. Convenient location.
  3. Years of experience
  4. Friendly and courteous staff
  5. Comfortable and cozy ambiance
  6. Affordable rates
  7. Processing of insurance paperwork
  8. Private rooms
  9. Responsive customer support
  10. Same day appointment available
  11. Latest trends are involved to give relief fast
massage therapist

Our Staff

The licensed and certified massage therapists of THRIVE HEALING MASSAGE are rigorously trained to meet your expectations. They are extremely caring, and with a friendly approach, listen to the clients’ requirements with patience. In this way, they offer comfortable and safe healing solutions to their global clients.

Our acupuncture and massage staff have undergone massage therapy programmes from affiliated organizations. We include practitioners in our team by taking into consideration their professionalism, years of experience, and versatility in handling different massage methods. All practitioners of our organization have the appropriate qualifications to allow them to practice massage as a relaxation technique and therapeutic massage.