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Why is Thai Massage popular in Seattle?

by Thrive on 07 June 2012 at 16:48

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Seattle-Thai-MassageThai massage, Nuad Bo Rarn, focuses on the flow of energy throughout the body, using a variety of pressure points, massage strokes and stretching – using a firm mat instead of a traditional massage table.  Thai massage techniques help release tension and increases energy through improved oxygen flow and circulation and uses the massage therapist’s body to help stretch and pull the client’s body gently into moves that resemble yoga poses during the massage.  Thai medical massage is another Thai massage technique used to help encourage the body to recover after injury.  Thai massage in Seattle is becoming more and more popular due to the effectiveness of the technique.

About Thai Massage

Thai massage centers on the concept that there are over 72,000 energy channels in the body, which are called the Sen Lines.  There are 10 energy channels that are of primary importance, referred to as the Sen Sib lines.

Other cultures speak of the same type of energy channels, also called ‘meridians’ or ‘chakras’ by other cultures and theories, as well as the energy that flows through these passages, often referred to as ‘Prana’, ‘Chi’, ‘Ki’ in other cultures and known as ‘Lom’ in Thai.

During Thai massage, the massage therapist helps the client stretch and also helps compress various parts of the body into poses that are much like yoga.  This is believed to help release blocks in energy and improve relaxation and works in coordination with specific massage strokes to help release tension and improve the flow of energy.

Unlike many other styles of massage, the client stays dressed during Thai massage, except the feet, which are bare.

Thai Massage and Seattle

According to the Seattle city website, the Seattle population was comprised of almost 14 percent Asian and Pacific Islander in 2010 and continues to expand.  The large Asian population may have something to do with the popularity of Thai massage in Seattle.

Thai-Massage-in-SeattleHowever, demographics notwithstanding, there is a great deal of interest in Thai massage in Seattle.  Regardless, when you schedule a Thai massage in Seattle, it is important that you choose a clinic with massage therapists specifically trained in both classic and medicinal Thai massage, and here at Thrive Healing Massage this is a type of  massage offered.

Thrive Healing Massage

Thrive Healing Massage is the best massage clinic in the area, our massage therapists are professional  and friendly but even more importantly, are experts in various massage techniques and are skilled at helping you feel more balanced, more relaxed and with less stress and more energy.

-          Thai Massage

Our therapist use Thai massage to help clients release muscle tension, decrease inflammation, release toxins from the muscles and the energy paths, improve digestion, release nerve compression, and stimulate blood supply and energy through the energy channels of the body, releasing blockages and improving the flow of energy throughout the body.

-          Thai Massage for Injury Treatment

Thai massage in Seattle can be a helpful form of therapy to treat a wide variety of injuries, whether the injury is caused by misuse or overuse of certain areas of the body, an auto accident, sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain and more.  Contact Thrive Healing Massage for more information about how Thai massage in Seattle can help improve your symptoms.

-          Other Massage Techniques

Our massage therapy experts can combine Thai massage techniques with other massage therapy techniques, such as medical massage, Deep Tissue or Swedish massage to maximize your relaxation, release and improve the condition of sore or tight muscles, improve breathing, posture, energy and sleep and help you feel more centered and balanced overall.

-          Insurance

Your insurance may cover some or all of the cost of a Thai massage. To see a list of accepted insurance plans at our clinic check here.

-          Contact Us

For more information or if you have any questions about Thai massage in Seattle and how it may benefit you, please call Thrive Healing Massage at (206) 547-5677.  Thai massage has become popular in the Seattle region and there is a good reason why it is a very healing style of massage.

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