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Sports Massage in Seattle Helps IT Band Syndrome

by Thrive on 19 April 2012 at 12:23

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it-band-syndrome-seattle-massageIf you run your hand down the outside seam of your pants along your thigh, you will find the location of the iliotibial band, or the IT band.  The IT band is essentially a bunch of fibers attached to the glutes or (butt muscles) and the tensor fascia lata muscle at the top and the tibia below the knee at the bottom.

The IT band is something most people are never aware of, but if the IT band gets irritated due to excessive exercise, pain results on the lower thigh or on the outer edge of the knee.  Repeated exercise or bending of the knee for basic actions such as walking up stairs or getting out of a car can make the problem worse.  If the condition continues, the term for the problem is IT Band Syndrome, or ITBS.

Causes and Symptoms of ITBS

The inflammation that leads to IT band syndrome happens due to overuse or certain physical characteristics.  For example, if you only run on the same side of the same road all of the time, your feet are placed unevenly, resulting in pelvic tilting and a strain on the IT band.  This symptom also can be called “Runner’s Knee” Also this is common with bicyclists.

Some of the physical characteristics that may lead to IT band syndrome include the following:

-          Discrepancy in leg length
-          Excessive foot pronation (rolling)
-          Lateral pelvic tilting
-          Legs that ‘bow’
-          Tight leg or gluteal muscles

ITBS can also occur where the IT band connects to the hip, though this is less likely as a sports injury.  This is more common with Pregnant women- due to excessive weight gain and pressure put on the hips, and the Elderly having tight outside thigh muscles.

The symptoms associated with this syndrome are stinging sensations down the outside of your thigh, and outside on the knee or joint.  The pain may be little to severe.  Call your regular doctor if you can’t walk.

Temporary ITBS Treatment

Basic treatment for IT band syndrome includes rest, icing the area, elevating the leg, and compression.  In addition, taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine such as ibuprofen can temporarily help. However, if temporary treatment does not resolve the problem, a Seattle sports massage might be necessary.

Seattle Sports Massage Helps Heal ITBS

Sports massage therapy can be particularly helpful in treating IT band syndrome because the deep tissue massage helps loosen the tension along the muscles and fibers. However, since the IT band functions as a stabilizer, there needs to be at least some tension in order for the band to work properly.  A qualified, experienced sports massage Seattle therapist can help relax the tension properly while increasing blood flow, relaxing stress and improving overall muscle energy.


Sports massage Seattle therapy has other benefits, including nervous system relaxation, reduced soreness, better flexibility, fewer muscle spasms, better joint range of motion and less muscle stiffness.  Over time, sports massage Seattle therapy can help prevent further injuries, including flaring up of IT band syndrome.

Your Seattle massage therapist at Thrive can also teach you how to stretch the area properly before and after exercise or any time the IT band begins to feel tight or painful.  Learning how to strengthen the exterior hip rotators and performing other strengthening exercises will help to avoid this syndrome.

Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle

Not every massage therapist knows how to perform sports massage therapy properly, especially for specific injuries such as IT band syndrome.  One of the best clinics for sports massage is Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle, with a skilled and professional staff of massage therapists trained in a variety of massage types.  Some styles of massage offered are Swedish, Deep Tissue, Medical, Injury Rehab, and more.

Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle, is located at 701 N 36th St  #420  Seattle, WA 98103 and accepts many forms of insurance.  Some examples include Regence, First Choice, Premera, Uniform Medical Plan, Aetna, United Health Care and Cigna.  Call for more information or to inquire about your specific health insurance policy for sports massage Seattle.

Contact Thrive Healing Massage today to schedule your sports massage Seattle therapy appointment, to discuss specific questions about IT band syndrome, or with ANY questions at (206) 547-5677 and one of our experienced therapists will be able to help you.

IT band syndrome can be painful and even debilitating.  Many people require sports massage Seattle therapy as well as a rehabilitation plan for gradual re-introduction back into exercise and sports in order to prevent further problems.

Call Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle today to get back on the road to health as soon as possible.

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