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Seattle Massage Therapy Styles and Techniques at Thrive

by Thrive on 22 February 2012 at 18:59

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According to, Washington state ranks 19th in the nation in terms of obesity and has lower rates of diabetes and preventable hospitalizations than many other states.  This is largely because we are a state that loves to be active and healthy, with numerous biking, hiking, walking and running trails.  In addition, according to Men’s Health magazine, Seattle is the most active city in the nation and also research proves, gets wellness massage regularly.  Way to go, Seattle!

Being with all this healthy exercise, Seattle residents are often a little sore and tired at the end of the day and need massage therapy as part of their healthy life routine.  Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle offers a variety of services, including Sports Massage, that helps active residents get the best performance out of their muscles and gives health to the body overall.

Seattle Massage in general

About Massage in general

Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues throughout the body, using techniques such as various pressure applications and movement to help restore the soft tissues to normal position.  Accomplished through a variety of specific massage techniques, including Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy massage, Medical massage, Injury Rehabilitation massage and Swedish massage, The massage therapy offered at Thrive Healing Massage in seattle accomplishes both relaxation and rehabilitation.

Sports Massage in Seattle

Seattle Massage Sports TherapyA massage therapist at Thrive Healing Massage uses compression, stretching and kneading, along with other massage techniques, to help stimulate and relax the muscles and body system during a Sports Massage.  This can help increase blood flow and range of motion, as well as rapid muscle recovery.  Sports Massage  in Seattle can be a beneficial technique for sports events coming up, or a treatment after an event to maintain the muscle tone and health.


Deep Tissue Massage in Seattle

Another type of massage therapy is Deep Tissue massage, used by Thrive Healing massage therapists for individuals with chronic pain or persistent shoulder, neck and back issues.  Deep tissue massage includes cross fiber friction over the muscle grain to break up scar tissue that builds up due to injury or overuse, which then helps the muscle realign and restore to normal function.

Pregnancy Massage Therapy

Pregnancy Massage in SeattleAlmost any expectant mother can tell you about the discomforts of pregnancy, such as swelling, back pain and stress. Pregnancy massage at Thrive Healing Massage will help reduce many of the common pregnancy complaints and may even help reduce the chance of certain childbirth complications. Certified Thrive Healing Massage therapists in Seattle will help the expectant mother position herself comfortably during the full body massage, which will give her the much needed relief her body needs during this important time.

Medical Massage in Seattle

One of the lesser-known types of massage is a Medical Massage, prescribed by a doctor for treatment of issues such as migraines, carpal tunnel syndrome, restless leg syndrome, and sciatica, along with many others conditions. Certified to perform Medical Massage, the massage therapists at Thrive Healing Massage will work in conjunction with other physical therapy or medical treatments.  Sports Massage in Seattle may also be recommended by a physician for athletes with sore, tense muscles as part of his or her treatment prescription.

Swedish Massage Therapy

Designed for optimal relaxation, a Swedish massage works using massage oils and long, gentle strokes to relax and sooth the muscles. Thrive Healing massage therapists will work with you to determine your comfort level with pressure and exposure, all while working to provide maximum stress and tension relief.  The ultimate relaxing massage offered at Thrive.

Injury Rehabilitation Massage Treatment

Life in Seattle can be busy and stressful and unfortunately, accidents happen occasionally.  Thrive Healing Massage has certified therapists who can offer Injury Rehabilitation massage to help you recover from your injuries.  Ask your doctor for a referral for Medical Massage to assist in your recovery from your accident, and then call Thrive Healing Massage to start your recovery process for rehabilitation.

Ready to Schedule an Appointment With Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle?

The talented therapists at Thrive Healing Massage are here to help you relax, recover, and restore through skilled and certified massage therapy.  We know Seattle is a busy, active town and we are One of the Best clinics for active lifestyle related massage therapy.  Call us at (206) 547-5677  or schedule online for your next appointment.

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