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Pain Relief for Neck Injuries – Seattle Massage is the Answer

by Thrive on 10 March 2012 at 14:52


Almost all of us will have a neck injury at some point in our life.  Whether the cause is minor, such as a pulled neck muscle, or severe injury from sports or an accident, neck injuries can inhibit normal movement and function and cause quite a bit of pain.  When you experience a neck injury and pain, one of the best forms of treatment is Seattle massage therapy.

About Neck Injuries – How Seattle Massage Helps

A neck injury may occur due to a relatively minor incident, such as sleeping in such a way that the neck muscles are sore the next day. However, neck injuries can happen from exercise or sports, extreme external pressure on the neck, whiplash from a car accident or tripping or falling.  Any movement that causes pain to the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and/or discs from the base of the skull to the shoulders is defined as a neck injury.

Massage in Seattle for Whiplash Injury

seattle massage for neck injuriesOne of the most common forms of neck injury is whiplash caused by an auto accident or any abnormal motion that injures the tendons, tissues, muscles and ligaments in your neck by extending the neck too far.  This causes pain, stiffness and reduced mobility.  This should be treated with massage, an effective therapy, as soon as possible.  At Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle, our therapists are trained specifically to start the healing process immediately.

Military Neck

Another common neck injury is referred to as Military Neck, this condition causes a great limit of range of motion.  Military Neck is thus called because the normal curvature of the neck is altered and straightens abnormally, causing neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain and overall discomfort and lack of neck motion.  The formal term for this problem is cervical kyphosis.  Our Seattle Massage therapists have at home therapies that take awhile to get the curve back in the neck, but with regular regimen will help.  1. example is using a pillow for neck traction, x-minutes per day.

Other Symptoms

seattle massage for headachesNeck injury symptoms can range from a mild stiffness to severe pain.  Neck injuries may be located in just one area of the neck or may radiate from one side to the other or down the neck to the shoulders, upper arms and upper back. With neck injuries there is almost always headaches.  A few other symptoms may include blurred vision, and dizziness.

Acute Neck Injuries

Note that any neck injuries caused by a fall, car accident or any other sudden occurrence requires evaluation by a doctor.  If the spine is fractured or dislocated or one of the discs in the neck is torn or ruptured, severe pain and damage may occur.  In addition, if you have shooting pain that moves down from the neck to one or both arms or hands, loss of movement, difficulty controlling the muscles in the neck, arms or legs or numbness, see a doctor or call 911 immediately.

Non-Acute Neck Injuries

Neck injuries can be very painful and may even restrict full range of motion even if the injury itself is not severe.  While doctors can prescribe pain medication to manage the symptoms of a neck injury, one of the best ways to treat pain caused by a non-acute neck injury is through massage therapy.

Seattle Massage for Neck Injuries

Massage Therapy in Seattle for Neck Injuries

There are several different types of massage therapy that may help reduce or eliminate neck pain, depending upon the cause and severity of the symptoms.  For example, Swedish massage therapy works the muscles on the surface of the neck, reducing stress and tension that cause minor neck pain and stiffness.

Another massage therapy technique that can reduce neck pain, often in conjunction with Swedish massage is Deep Tissue massage, which applies pressure to the knots in the neck muscles that may be causing pain.  Deep Tissue massage therapy can also help break up scar tissue on the muscles, which allows greater flexibility and motion.

Many people with a neck injury suffer from muscle spasms in the neck, our qualified massage therapist can relieve these spasms using Trigger Point massage therapy, which applies direct pressure to points in the neck muscles to increase blood flow and reduce pain.

Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle

If you are suffering from neck pain, contact the professional massage therapists at Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle. Our massage therapists have specific training in medical massage, therapeutic deep tissue massage and injury rehabilitation massage therapy. Sometimes one or more massage therapy techniques are necessary to help release the neck muscles, provide pain relief, and regain mobility.

Thrive Healing Massage accepts many types of insurance, including many group health options, personal injury insurance, and several national policies such as Aetna, Regence, Cigna, Premera, First Choice and United Health Care.

You will need a referral from your doctor to receive medical or injury rehabilitation massage therapy for neck pain or to receive insurance coverage.  Contact your doctor or call us at Thrive Healing Massage with any questions.  Contact us at (206) 547-5677 for more information or schedule appointment online with one of our massage therapists today.

We are located at 701 N 36th St. #420, in Seattle WA, 98103.  Visit us at Thrive Healing Massage today and find out how therapeutic Seattle massage therapy can relieve your neck pain without medication.

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