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Seattle Massage Therapy for work related Sciatica relief

by Thrive on 21 February 2012 at 01:02


Many active professionals, although generally conscious of their health, are unaware of the multitude of health benefits brought about by periodic massages.  For active working people, work-related stress and physical activity may bring about certain negative effects in addition to the plethora of positive ones.  If you engage in any sort of sport, be it running, cycling, yoga, boating, cross fit, or basketball; or you engage in certain work-place behaviors, you could be suffering from a condition known as sciatica.

Examples of Sciatica pain

Seattle Massage Therapy for sciaticaSciatica is defined as: pain, weakness, numbness or tingling in the lower back and/or legs due to injury or pressure on the sciatic nerve.  It is important to understand however that sciatica is not a diagnosis–rather, it is a description of symptoms.  There is not one specific cause for sciatica as a wide variety of things can result in pressure on the sciatic nerve.  Examples include spinal stenosis, herniated disks, and other vertebrate abnormalities that put excessive pressure on the sciatic nerve.   The extent of the condition can also vary widely on a case by case  basis.  Some people may experience a dull ache or a mild tingling, while more severe cases result in a strong burning sensation that is extremely uncomfortable.  In most cases, the pain begins on one side and may radiate throughout one’s lower torso to the buttocks, lower leg, and feet.  Pain resulting from sciatica usually disperses within six weeks providing that there is not a serious cause underlying the pain and treatment is adequately provided.  In either case, the services provided by Thrive Healing Massage, can help you to alleviate the pain you experience while suffering from sciatica.

Common Seattle Massage used for Sciatica Treatment


Common techniques used to help treat sciatica include Swedish  massage, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, and Feldenkrais massage.  Swedish massage uses kneading and stroking techniques, among others, to help alleviate the pain caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve.  Other techniques include cross-fiber friction and ischemic compression.  These techniques all share one quality in that the sciatic nerve is not interfered with during the course of the massage.  The overall effect of all the therapies results in the alleviation of the pain–not manipulation of the nerve itself.

As an active working individual, any number of activities could be the cause for sciatica.  In many cases, mundane activities such as sitting in a chair for extended periods, repeating movements often, or lifting heavy objects can result in sciatica.  Seattle massage clinic, Thrive Healing Massage, can provide you with much needed relief if you suffer from sciatica.  Their Medical massage provides a myriad of health benefits including increased blood flow to soft muscle tissues, decreased inflammation, improved circulation and flexibility,  and improved posture among others.

Although Seattle massage based clinic, Thrive Healing Massage, is an area leader in Medical massage techniques–providing relief to those with medical conditions, they also provide a number of other key services for individuals seeking the health benefits that a massage can provide.  As the preeminent provider of quality massages in the Seattle area, the company also offers Deep Tissue massage, Pregnancy massage, Swedish massage, Sports massage, and Onsite massage if mobility is an issue.

Sciatica Back Pain Massage SeattleAs an active individual, the benefits of massage can only add to a lifestyle characterized by healthy behavior.  Studies have proven consistently that patients fighting off disease or dealing with other ailments can cut down on the costs of surgeries or prescription drugs by simply undergoing medical massage.  Like previously mentioned however, massage is not limited to the medically afflicted.  Sports massage can be an essential tool for those who engage in a wide variety of physical activities.  Pregnancy massage is used on expecting mothers to decrease swelling, reduce stress, and relieve aches and pains in a time when such health  benefits are key to the health of both you and your new baby.  If mobility is an issue or you want to bring the health benefits of massage to your corporate workplace then Onsite massage is the service for you.  Thrive Healing Massage will bring its therapists to your workplace and help your employees de-stress from their busy hectic lives.  Finally, the Deep Tissue massage offered by this Seattle massage clinic can help realign deep muscle and connective tissue which can help alleviate chronic stiffness or pain in your back, neck, or shoulders.

Where to go for Sciatica Treatment in Seattle

Whatever your needs, Thrive Healing Massage offers a service that can help you maintain your healthy lifestyle, or bring to you a new level of health benefits if you have not yet experienced them.  Having been a part of the Seattle community for over ten years, their company provides high quality services to help you maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.  Contact Thrive Healing Massage today at 206-547-5677  to make your massage appointment and start feeling healthier.

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