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Massage in Seattle helps Cancer Patients

by Thrive on 21 June 2012 at 12:26

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getting a massage if you have cancer is wonderfulAccording to the American Cancer Society, several studies have shown that therapeutic massage has many benefits for cancer patients, including reduced stress, pain, depression, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.  When used in combination with traditional cancer therapy treatment, massage may help improve the overall feeling of well-being for many cancer patients.

What is Massage?

There are several types of massage, but these are the most common forms of massage:

-Swedish Massage

Swedish massage uses gentle, circular motions as well as long and smooth strokes to massage the body gently.  The massage may also include light tapping, rocking, gentle kneading strokes or friction to help break up knots in the muscles and help release tension.

-Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue Massage reaches the layers of muscles and tissue that often develop scar tissue after overuse, injury or chronic pain.  The trained massage therapist uses deep pressure strokes to loosen the muscular scar tissue, which also helps improve oxygen and circulation to the muscles.  Deep Tissue massage helps patients move more freely, experience less pain and reduce tension and anxiety.

-Sports Massage

The term Sports Massage may be a little misleading, as this type of massage works for athletes to help stimulate the muscles to increase blood flow and oxygen, improve the range of motion and muscle recovery and relax the nervous system, but Sports massage may be helpful for other people as well, including cancer patients.  The massage focuses on certain areas of the body to help loosen the muscles, reduce pain, help improve the range of motion and relax tension and anxiety.

-Medical Massage Therapy

Medical Massage Therapy may be particularly useful for cancer patients, as it focuses on helping relax the muscles and improve the circulatory system to address underlying medical conditions.  Some of the benefits of medical massage therapy include better blood supply, reduced inflammation, better digestion, released muscle and nerve compression, decrease in the stress hormone called cortisol, released toxins from the body, and helps improve posture and breathing.

Note that you will need a prescription from your doctor to receive medical massage as part of your medical treatment, including cancer treatment.

Massage and Cancer

Cancer benefits from MassageThe American Cancer Society notes that massage can help flush toxins out of the muscles, loosen mucus in the lungs, and help increase endorphin production, which may help cancer patients feel better and more relaxed.

In addition, medical massage therapy, also called myotherapy, can reduce over 90 percent of muscle-related pain and can greatly supplement prescribed pain medication.  In addition, medical massage may improve the muscle strength and flexibility, improve sleep and energy and help patients feel calmer.

In 2005, one study showed that cancer patients who received massage therapy reported less pain and anxiety, which can be considerable factors for those dealing with the stress and physical trauma of cancer treatment.

Additional considerations for cancer patients choosing therapeutic massage:

- Your doctor should know about the use of therapeutic massage and prescribe the massage as part of your treatment.

- Some cancer patients find touch to be uncomfortable, so communication is key to let your therapist know what feels good.

- Avoid massage on or around areas where a tumor is located, as scientific research has yet to determine if massaging the tumor allows the release of cancer cells into other areas of the body.

- Only visit a massage therapist trained in medical massage therapy and is aware of your cancer diagnosis.

Thrive Healing Massage

If you are a cancer patient and want Medical Massage in Seattle, call the most experienced massage clinic in town, Thrive Healing Massage.

-Our Therapists

Our experienced, well trained Seattle massage therapists are familiar with medical massage therapy, as well as other forms that may supplement cancer massage therapy, such as Swedish massage, Sports massage and/or Deep Tissue massage.  We honor confidentiality and will treat you with the respect and kindness you deserve when you receive a massage in Seattle.


 Thrive Healing Massage accepts many forms of insurance and your medical massage therapy may be covered by insurance when prescribed by your doctor.  Contact us at (206) 547-5677 for more information about insurance and payment.

-Making an Appointment

There are several ways to schedule a massage at Thrive Healing Massage.  Call us or schedule your appointment online here.

You can also download and fill out the patient forms, then print them up and bring them with you when you arrive.

You will receive our utmost attention, skilled and knowledgeable massage therapists, respect, and the best massage in Seattle.  We look forward to massaging you.

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