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How Medical Massage in Seattle can help Whiplash symptoms

by Thrive on 23 February 2012 at 17:55

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What is Whiplash and Other Common Auto Accident Injuries?

The Whiplash symptoms you are experiencing are the result of the injury to the soft tissues of your neck, such as nerves, ligaments, and muscles.  Automobile accidents cause extreme movement that is outside your neck’s natural span of motion. This extreme movement during the auto accident causes the injury.  Whiplash is a very common auto accident injury that usually results from your car being hit from behind.  Whiplash can even be a problem after relatively minor auto accidents as well.  If you are experiencing neck or back pain it is advised you see your doctor and get a referral for Medical Massage therapy.

Temporal Mandibular Joint disorder (TMJ) can be a problem after an auto accident as well.  This is an injury to the joint and ligaments that let your jaw move.  Disk injuries can also occur during an auto accident such as damage to the thoracic and lumbar disks.  These can range from minor to very serious injuries, causing extreme pain.

Why Massage is Effective for Whiplash Treatment?

Medical-Massage-SeattleMedical Massage at Thrive Healing Massage is an effective treatment because it relaxes your muscles that are sore from the injury you received during your auto accident.  Massage extremely helps the healing process by increasing the amount of oxygen that is needed to go to the injured tissues. The oxygen will make your whiplash injury heal faster and restore your muscles back to normal. Whiplash clients report their pain to be greatly decreased by this type of treatment, usually started as soon as possible.

Typical Seattle Medical Massage Techniques Used for Whiplash

A friction-based massage will relieve your stiffness by breaking up scar tissue.  Another massage technique that is helpful is Trigger Point Therapy this technique aids by loosening tension that is retained in tight knots of the affected muscles.  However, any kind of Medical massage that promotes circulation is extremely beneficial to your overall health and wellness, whether you have an injury such as whiplash or not.

Common Questions and Answers

Dealing with whiplash after an auto accident is even more stressful when you know very little about your condition and what to get for treatment, so you may have many questions or you may even be apprehensive about the massage you are thinking of getting for your whiplash treatment.  Seeing your doctor for your massage in Seattle referral will ease your discomfort immediately.

  • Can Medical Massage for Whiplash help relieve Headaches? Yes, medical massage can help relieve your headaches because it will stimulate circulation and relax your tender muscles in your neck, shoulders, and upper back, which are most likely causing your headaches.  Many massage Seattle clients claim to have a drastic reduction in headaches after their massage.

  • Will Massage for Whiplash be painful? A Seattle massage therapist at Thrive Healing Massage will be as gentle as possible especially when you have an injury to your neck such as whiplash because your neck is a fragile part of the body.  Along with having neck and shoulder pain our therapists are professionally trained for these type of conditions.
  • How long for pain relief? You may feel relief from your pain and stiffness immediately after your massage for whiplash, or you may not feel any relief until the day after your massage. In addition, your pain will probably not go away completely after your first massage for whiplash.  However, you will notice a definite decrease in pain eventually after your massage.

  • How many massages are needed to treat whiplash? Depends. Starting with your Doctor’s referral to start treating your whiplash, which will tell you the number of massage visits allowed for insurance purposes.  Next, your Seattle massage therapist will then advise you on how many massages you should have, and how often you should have them, and along with Doctor’s referral, a treatment plan will be discussed, and then your massages will begin.


Start Medical Massage Therapy for Whiplash today

The most important thing to know about Whiplash injuries is that some sort of therapy is needed, and to start medical massage now.  If you have been in an auto accident and now suffer from the painful symptoms of  whiplash, call today, Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle will be happy to start the treatment process with you.  You may start going to a Thrive therapist because of whiplash, but you will continue going because of the excellent massages you will be given.  Massage therapy benefits the entire body, and we will tailor you a specific massage plan for whatever reason brings you to our doors.  Call us at (206) 547-5677, or schedule your appointment online.

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  1. Tanya Jesson

    My friend happened to get into a pretty bad accident and messed up her neck, It was a very sad event to hear about but she actually used Medical Massage for the Whiplash atfer affect and it helped relieve the few Headaches that she would get.


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