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Effective Therapy for Migraines, Headaches or Whiplash in Seattle

by Thrive on 15 March 2012 at 17:12

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Massage is a broad term used for rubbing, pressing and manipulating the muscles, ligaments and tendons.  Typically, a Seattle massage therapist uses their hands, elbows and fingers for massaging which can also include deep pressure techniques.  Although different types of massages are available, some of the most commonly preferred techniques are:

headache seattle massage relief

Seattle Massage – Effective Therapy for Migraine Headaches

Deep Tissue massage:  This is a technique in which slow but forceful strokes are used and focused mainly on the deeper muscle tissues and ligaments. Such massage strokes help in the recovery of muscle damage, and scar tissue caused by injuries.

Swedish massage:  This is a massage technique used to help one to unwind, relax and feel energized. The massage strokes used in this type range from deep circular movements, long strokes, tapping, vibrations and kneading.

Trigger-Point Therapy:  Such massage helps to relax trigger points which can be those tight muscle fibers that have become sensitive due to overuse or injuries.

Sports massage:  This is mostly aimed at active people or those involved in sports. This type of massage helps to treat their sports injuries and to prevent  injuries by keeping the muscles healthy.

A Seattle massage therapist works with a variety of clients. While some clients consider massage a luxury lifestyle, some use it as a part of regular health routine.  Some prefer it for the deep relaxation it provides during a Swedish massage, while others use Medical massage to solve a painful conditions like whiplash or neck injuries.  A Thrive Healing Massage therapist uses his/her special techniques to treat clients based on their individual needs.  Now let’s take a look at a painful condition known as Migraine Headaches.

Seattle Massage Therapy for Painful Conditions

Nearly most of all car accident victims who have been in a rear-ended collision are prone to whiplash condition later.  Whiplash can be just superficial damage caused by tears and muscle strains, but unfortunately can turn to a chronic painful condition if some sort of therapy is not started.  Medical massage in Seattle is the most beneficial therapy for acute or chronic whiplash.  Some of the symptoms include:  Migraines, Headaches, stiffness, pain in the neck, pain in the shoulders or between shoulder blades, numbness in arms, and low back pain.  A Medical massage helps to overcome muscular pain caused by whiplash.  It also speeds up the recovery process by aiding the nutritional and oxygen supply to the affected muscle group.

Massage in general, helps Migraine sufferers. This debilitating condition is an imbalance of brain chemicals, and is a neurological condition. During Migraine attacks, the person will suffer mainly one sided headaches accompanied by vomiting, nausea and pain in the eyes, light sensitivity is common.  Migraine sufferers can significantly reduce getting these chronic attacks by getting regular massage therapy.  A Seattle massage relaxes the trigger points that are causing migraine, distress symptoms and sleep disturbances.

Most people suffering from Migraines have these symptoms:

  • Have a temporary blind spot
  • Have eye pain – sensitivity to light
  • Seeing stars or zigzag lines
  • Blurred vision
  • Have tunnel vision

Migraine headaches can range from dull to severe and feel like this:

  • Pounding Throbbing or Pulsating
  • Start as a dull ache then gets worse
  • Can last 6 to 48 hours

Some lingering symptoms from Migraines:

  • You may need more sleep than normal
  • You may not be thinking clear or “sharp”
  • Neck Pain usually accompanies a migraine

Let Seattle Massage at Thrive be your answer for Migraine control

The effectiveness of Seattle massage therapy with managing serious conditions like Whiplash or Migraines is immense.  Thrive Healing Massage in Seattle knows how to help you and aid in your recovery process.  If you are experiencing any of the above conditions or symptoms call (206) 547-5677 or schedule online now to find out more about how Medical Massage can treat these life altering conditions.  We want to help you.


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